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Jeff Kitchens, CEO
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About thejobfair.com:
thejobfair.com, originally founded in 1998 by Jeff Kitchens, is dedicated to uniting successful and qualified applicants with some of the world's premier businesses. With over 80 Fortune 500 corporations on our growing list of 5,000 plus clients, thejobfair.com has quickly established itself as a leader in the recruitment industry.

Setting higher standards for recruitment was, and still remains thejobfair.com's primary goal as a corporation. Already armed with innovative ideas, thejobfair.com researched the competition and implemented policies designed to increase client and consumer satisfaction. From marketing and promotional campaigns intended to produce better placements between the employer and employee, to upscale locations, where both the client and candidate are represented in a professional and comfortable environment. Even the smallest details such as customized name badges, booth placement, and excellent food service for HR personnel are given special attention to ensure a successful job fair event. In fact, we’ve become so famous for serving exceptional food, many of our clients have asked us when we plan on opening our own restaurant!

thejobfair.com combines aggressive year round advertising, along with a higher standard of service for both employers and applicants to make sure we live up to our name and our original goals. We know that to remain the leader and industry trend setter, our success is dependant upon the success of both our clients and applicants. To this, we remain dedicated.
Prior to opening thejobfair.com, Jeff Kitchens worked in management positions within the Restaurant, Retail and Banking industries. Working closely with Human Resources Departments, and involved in the hiring process himself, he developed his own set of recruiting strategies aimed at procuring better applicants while reducing turnover rates. His success led to the decision to invest in his own company and assist other corporations in meeting their own recruitment goals. Forming thejobfair.com, Jeff then set out determined to have his business raise the bar on recruitment services.
Setting higher standards for recruitment was, 
and still remains thejobfair.com's primary goal as a corporation. 
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